Thomasville''s class AA rankings for 2016

Rank Record Date Poll No. Type Source
10 (5-3-0) 2016-10-30 12 Regular Season Atlanta Journal-Constitution
9 (5-4-0) 2016-11-06 13 End Regular Season Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Atlanta Constitution: The first Atlanta Constitution poll, compiled by prep editor Charlie Roberts, was published in 1952, and they began several weeks into the season. It was compiled by various authors from 1952 to 1981:
1952 - Charlie Roberts/Bill McGrotha
1953 to 1961 - Charlie Roberts
1962 - Charlie Roberts/Bill Schemmel
1963 to 1966 - Charlie Roberts
1967 to 1969 - Tom Dial
1970 - Charles McCord
1971 - Bill Skutt/Charles McCord
1972 - Hal Hayes/Randy Donaldson
1973 - Randy Donaldson
1974 - Bill Berryman
1975 to 1981 - Steve Figueroa

No final rankings were published by the Atlanta Constitution in 1956 and 1970. Projected rankings for those years, based on playoff results, are included. Projected final rankings also are included for Class B in 1968 and 1974. Those also were missing from the Atlanta Constitution.

Atlanta Journal: The Atlanta Journal conducted a poll of state newspaper prep editors from 1957 to 1971. Beginning in 1972, various Atlanta Journal prep editors compiled the Journal rankings:
1972 - David Davidson/Hal Hayes
In 1982, the Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Constitution combined their polls into the Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, which is still active today.

The Associated Press conducted a poll of state newspaper prep editors in 1971 to 2012. Since 2013, this poll has been conducted by the Georgia Sports Writers Association.

The United Press International conducted a poll of coaches for at least some of the 1970s to 1980s. These polls are still being researched.

There was also a Georgia Coaches Association poll conducted in the 2000s that is still being researched.

The GHSFHA does not consider any one poll to be more significant than others. They were added in the order researched.

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