This list includes only those former Georgia high school players who have appeared in at least one NFL game.
Name School Position Years in NFL Pro Team(s)
Bell, Henry Valdosta RB 1960 Denver Broncos
Blue, Luther Valdosta WR 1977-80 Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles
Brinson, Dana Valdosta WR 1989 San Diego Chargers
Daniels, Dexter Valdosta LB 1996 Baltimore Ravens
Dawson, Bill Valdosta LB 1965 Boston Patriots
Dawson, Rhett Valdosta WR 1972-73 Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings
Gary, Willie Valdosta S 2001 St. Louis Rams
Hunter, Brice Valdosta WR 1997-98 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jones, Seantavius Valdosta WR 2015 New Orleans Saints
Mitchell, Malcolm Valdosta WR 2016 New England
Peterson, Todd Valdosta K 1994-2005 Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons
Rome, Stan Valdosta WR 1979-82 Kansas City Chiefs
Rudolph, Coleman Valdosta DL/LB 1993-96 New York Jets, New York Giants
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